Beetopia Update

Just a reminder from Modern Friction–We’re playing bees in City Park on Sunday, May 1. Meet at Picnic Shelter 6 (between Club Tico and the playground) at 6pm for this kid-friendly game. We should have a high of 54 and partly cloudy–not exactly beetopia (they love 96 degrees), but close enough for May! Bring some food and we’ll stick around afterwards for a picnic.

More random bee facts to get you in the hive:

In the honeybee world, females do all the work

Worker honeybees live on average for 35-42 days during the summer before literally falling over with exhaustion.

Bees have 5 eyes: two big ones like us, but then three little ones on the top of the head to help them fly straight.

Bees can’t see red.

buzz buzz buzz

Let’s celebrate spring with a game of Bees!

Three teams of bees will hunt for pollen to bring back to the hive, but like a bee, you can’t talk. You can only use your kazoo and gestures to communicate with the other bees from your hive. Learn more about Bees at Ludocity.

  • What: Bees is a child-friendly game that involves running, finding, teamwork, and music
  • When: Sunday, May 1, 3pm
  • Where: City Park Shelter #6 (here’s a map)

Head boppers and kazoos are provided. Bring some grillables (and honey?) and we’ll stick around afterwards for dinner.

Good v. Evil? It’s a draw.

Modern Friction gathered in Treetop Yoga Studio on March 31 for its first game. Capetown pitched Superheroes against Supervillians in nine rounds of celebration and catastrophe. Capes were donned, masks unmasked, boas lit on fire, names juggled and everyone won. Enjoy the photos and join us next time.

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